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statement and bio

Sometimes I am an observer with one foot stumbling through the corporeal world while one foot lyrically floats on an alternative path. Why can’t telephone poles/power lines parallel the network of tree roots and fungi that connects the living organism of the Earth? In a different reality our mundane infrastructure becomes a means to escape into a different understanding. My work evokes the ethereal or hints at an unseen plane of existence. It explores spirituality and interest in magical realism. Greater understanding comes when you understand who you are. My interest lies in guiding one to see oneself. What is our purpose? What are we doing here? Is this all there is? Is there more than the mundane? Karen Armstrong contends that we are different than most life in that as humans we strive to create meaning out of our time living. Our minds are capable of imagination as evidenced by the many myths and stories we have told ourselves to explain the unknown and passed down through generations. Modern myths are being made today in our day-to-day living, even if we don’t notice. I visually explore those moments that shape a person’s time on this planet contemplating human existence.

Heidi Alonzo has been creating art on the central coast of California since she earned a BFA in painting and drawing from San Jose State University in the early nineties, She is currently an MFA candidate in Pictorial Arts at the same institution and has enjoyed guiding others to discover their own artistic abilities as a teacher since 2004 at St. Francis High School Salesian College Preparatory.

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